About Me

Hi, there! I'm Yan-Sheng (Arsene) Kuo, a frontend developer and designer living in Taipei, Taiwan. After finishing my master's degree in mechanical engineering, I acquired extensive experience in a patent firm and also the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Gaining a glimpse of user-centered methodologies from my experience in the manufacturing industry, I am eager to encourage interactions among people through digital products. Therefore, I've worked hard to improve my coding and design skills, which allow me to create websites that are intuitive and aesthetically balanced.

In my spare time, I like to indulge myself in music, broaden my horizons with travel, document my journey by photographs, cultivate my taste in denim and heritage menswear, and feed my imagination of impossibilities with video games and films.

You may also know more about me through my LinkedIn or Instagram.


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About this Website

I built this website with Gatsby and Gatsby Advanced Starter. If you want to know more about my configuration, you can visit the Github repo.